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Saras Cooking Class Chicken Pot Pie

This game is pretty similar to those of Cooking Show series. You need to cook certain meals following the recipe.

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Rabbit Marathon

In this game some rabbits run the marathon. Your task doesn't have much to do with the running itself. What you do is provide carrot juice to the runners. The rabbits will stop at your juice stand and will ask for juice with certain ingredients.

Tutti Cuti Diner

Tutti Cuti Dinner: Titti Cuti has just had a fast foo shop. There are so many customers coming for dinner. Help her serve a great delicious diner to all her customers and serve them quickly with the best smile!

Italian Pizza Match

In this game you have a number of pizzas to choose from.

Cake Mania 2

Like in the first Cake Mania, you're making cakes and sell them to people. Clients will first ask for the menu. Once they read it and find the cake they want, they tell you what cake it is.

Fluff Fluff Away

Emily is getting ready to cook some pancakes. There are three fun steps to make them. You can play it multiple times because you make a different type of pancake each time! Go ahead and try it out!