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Kelly's Burger Stand

This is a burger making game. You're a girl working in a burger stand. Clients will ask for burgers with specific ingredients in the specific order. Once you complete the client's order the client will leave satisfied and another one will occupy the empty

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Natashas Fruities

In this game you're a girl who works in some sort of milk shake bar. Clients will arrive and stand in a line. You always need to serve the first client in the line.

Easy 2 Cook

This game is pretty similar to Choco Mania and Passion Food. You need to cook a meal following the recipe.

Baileys Beach Shack

This is a typical food serving game. You're a waitress in a beach cafe. When clients enter, you need to send them to one of the available tables.

Belles Bistro

In this game you're a girl who runs a bistro. You need to make meals by the orders of the clients.

Burger Restaurant 2

Make burgers, keep your customers happy, don't screw up the orders and make money.

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