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Help the Galactic Armada by collecting much needed minerals to fuel their war depots. Group identical minerals in groups of 3 or more to collect them.

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Highway Getaway

Zig Zag through the streets while collecting as much money as you can. Try not to crash!

Touchdown Hero

Return to the field to outmanoeuvre the defenders! Use your SPEED and STRENGTH to wow the crowd and score a touchdown!

The Pirates Gold

Take to the high seas and plunder for Pirate's Gold. Spin the reels to earn as much treasure as you can.

Chick N Bash Galaxy

The chickens are back! This time they are taking their fight to outer space. Attack evil pigs, wolves, and roosters on galactic worlds.

Mythos Blitz

The Greek Gods have a challenge for you mortals! Build up columns by matching 3. Click on the falling blocks to

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